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Gestek Information
2017-08-01  View Times:103
CHAMBER QA-DVBT SFU SHIELDED ROOM Global EMC RF Chamber Audio and television broadcast receivers Lighting Equipment Testing Facilities
Relocation Information 
Dear Partners,

"Hsinchu test laboratory" testing services were suspended, "Linkou test laboratory" will continue to provide testing services.

Thank you! 

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BSMI Technical Conferences-2014-03-19 
Meeting Minutes for BSMI Technical Conferences2014-03-19.pdf


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2014-02-24  View Times:669
BSMI Technical Conferences-2014-01-15 
Meeting Minutes for BSMI Technical Conferences2014-01-15.pdf


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BSMI Technical Conferences-2013-12-11 
Meeting Minutes for BSMI Technical Conferences2013-12-11.pdf


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BSMI Technical Conferences-2013-11-13 
Meeting Minutes for BSMI Technical Conferences2013-11-13.pdf


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